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2XX Success

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The 2xx success selection of status codes relays that the information requested by a client has been processed successfully after being received, accepted and understood.

200 OK

Any successful HTTP request is usually responded to in this way. The request method that is used determines the actual response. For a GET request an entity corresponding to the source with be included in the response. With a POST request the entity will contain or describe the results.

201 Created

The fulfillment of the request is done and has resulted in a new resource’s creation.

202 Accepted

The processing is not complete even though the request has been accepted for processing. However, the request may still be disallowed and might or might not ever be acted on.

203 Non-Authoritve Information (since HTTP/1.1)

This is a Web accelerator that is a transforming proxy. It received the 200 OK from the origin but is transforming back into the modified version of the response.

204 No Content

The server is not returning the content and the request has processed successfully.

205 Reset Content

The server is not returning the content and the request has processed successfully. However this requires that the document view be reset, unlike the 204 response.

206 Partial Content

Only part of the resource is being delivered by the server, byte serving. This is due to the client sending a range header. Range headers are used toenable clients to resume downloading items that were interrupted. It can also be used to split dowloads so that they are in multiple simultaneous streams.

207 Multi-Status

This message body normally follows aXML message.Within it is usually contained a number of different response codes. This depends on how many different sub-requests were made.

208 AlreadyReported

Themember of a DAV binding are not being included again, because they have already been enumerated in a previous reply.

226 IM Use

The 226 IM Use means that the http request for a resource has been fulfilled. The result of all instance-manipulations applied are represented here.

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