Every single day over 3 billion searches are being carried out by people over Google and Bing. Most people are searching for information by inputting keywords without getting proper suggestions to get ideas for content creation. Wouldn’t it be best if they could simply use Answer the Public a tool which can give them better ideas to keep them ahead of the competition? answer the public question visualization A single keyword that is inputted within this tool delivers several results all of which are relevant to content marketing. Creating content that is funny, inspiring and useful becomes easier with this tool because it can provide far better results than the ones furnished by search engines. Is this the best tool available? We suggest you take a look without wasting time because you would have your hands full not just with the results but also with visualizations that will prove helpful for you and your business. Answer the Public provides consumer insight for PR in the age of Google. The autosuggest results provided by Google and Bing are gold mines for marketers. As you type, you are presented with an aggravated view of the questions and therefore, hints of motivation and emotion of the people behind each search query. It is one of the most underutilized sources for content ideas until this moment. Answer the Public has built simple visualizations of the data along with a one pager that can be shared to prompt a conversation on how you can start answering your public better. You can begin creating content that start just useful but are also funny and inspiring. Category: Keyword Research