Just enter a search term and this will allow AuthoritySpy to complete the job by pulling in hundreds and thousands of influencers within your space. This job is completed in seconds by searching places like AllTop, Twitter and FollowerWonk. You can also find the top blogs which have large followings along with an active audience within your industry. You also have the ability to create and manage multiple clients or campaigns by creating a new project for each niche, which requires researching. Stop wasting a number of hours manually across the web when looking forward to finding authorities in your niche. Let AuthoritySpy manage the difficult job for you to put the information you need into an easily manageable interface.     Link Building
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Joshua Belland is the CEO & Founder of Joshua Belland SEO Consulting. He specializes in developing SEO driven content strategies, while using his web development skills for technical SEO. Josh's career in SEO started in 2009 and uses his blog/writing as a means to give back to the SEO community while educating other's in the industry. Linkedin | Google+ | Twitter