Domain Hunter Plus
  Domain Hunter Plus specializes in the tasks of scanning the tab open in the browser and looking for dead links that are attainable through domain names. This extension has been released by Google Chrome and allows the user to quickly scan webpages, which are open to verify dead links and also to search for domain names, which may be available. You are just required to load a web page and click the DHP icon within the toolbar to get the results you want in a jiffy. After DHP has located the dead links, it also makes queries with the domain registrar over the Internet to verify whether the domain names are available for users. The information about the availability is provided instantly giving the user an opportunity to visit the registration page by a single click. Perhaps the only difficulty DHP encounters is with an ad blocker that may have been installed within the workstation. It is strongly listed that the ad blocker be disabled before scanning pages by using Domain Hunter Plus.     Link Building