Majestic SEO offers you an opportunity to understand how websites over the Internet link to each other with the largest link intelligence database on the planet. No other website or search engine provides you as much information about how the fabric of the web is knitted together. The majestic marketing search engine has been designed for SEO professionals, media analysts, entrepreneurs and developers. When you sign up with, you are getting access to a site Explorer, a backlink history checker, a search Explorer and even a link intelligence API. You can register for free with the website or even decide to purchase a subscription plan. The site Explorer lets you explore a domain/URL in detail, and the backlink history checker allows SEOs to determine the number of backlinks detected by the sophisticated web reports regardless of whether they are for a domain or a sub domain. Clients can also search the index for a keyword or more and see the page title as well as the URL where it is appearing while getting the search score for the URL. You can register for free right away or subscribe for a paid plan that is available at just under £30.     Backlink analysis
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Joshua Belland is the CEO & Founder of Joshua Belland SEO Consulting. He specializes in developing SEO driven content strategies, while using his web development skills for technical SEO. Josh's career in SEO started in 2009 and uses his blog/writing as a means to give back to the SEO community while educating other's in the industry. Linkedin | Google+ | Twitter