Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer allows you to research backlinks and find link building opportunities by discarding potentially damaging links with this tool. You can develop a high-quality inbound link profile. You can improve rankings and search engine visibility with this complete SEO toolset. You can also access the most important SEO metrics at a glance for every page you visit.

Open Site Explorer Link Metrics

Domain Authority: Predicts the root domain’s ranking potential in a search engine based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics. Page Authority: Predicts a pages ranking potential in a search engine based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics. Root Domains: The number of domains that have pages with links pointing to the page being analyzed. Total Links: The total number of links pointed to a page. MozRank: Moz’s emulation of PageRank. MozTrust: Measures the amount of trust that Google likely has with a domain name.


  • Inbound Links: Number of links pointed toward the page you are analyzing with Open Site Explorer.
  • Just-Discovered: Newest inbound links found.
  • Top Pages: Top pages on the domain you are analyzing, based on link popularity metrics.
  • Linking Domains: List of domains with pages linking to your website or webpage.
  • Anchor Text: The actual text or label that covers the link with friendly, relevant text.
  • Compare Link Metrics: Compare your link metrics vs. competitors.
  • Spam Analysis: Measure the spamminess of your backlinks.
  • Link Opportunities: Opportunities to build links based on brand mentions or common links found between your competitors.
  • Advanced Reports: Get advanced excel reports, customized to your liking with this feature.
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