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3 09, 2016

Free Broken Link Checker

By |September 3rd, 2016|Categories: , |Tags: |0 Comments   Looking for a tool which can help identify dead links on websites and blogs? A tool that can scan a number of webpages with no limits and also validate internal and external URLs? If this question had been haunting you for any reason, you should be looking forward to checking out the Free Broken Link Checker? This tool does not only have the ability to scan websites and blogs but can also give you the locations of links with problems in your HTML. All bad URLs will report error codes [404]. The tool can run on Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and iOS. The free version has a limit of 3000 pages with no limits being placed on the number of hyperlinks within the webpages scanned.     Link Building
3 09, 2016

Advanced Web Ranking

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Rank tracking has been made easy with Advanced Web Ranking by the fresh rankings, which are made available daily, weekly and on-demand. This is regardless of whether you are using a desktop, mobile and conducting local searches. The reports are packed nicely and accessible from any device.

You’re not being given estimated rankings, but have access to some of the most accurate rankings, which are available online. You can overcome local search biases and report effortlessly regardless of the location of your client’s business. Advanced Web Ranking has been at the core of rank tracking for as long as rank tracking has existed for a number of businesses.


AWR Cloud is the first web-based rank tracker capable to deliver localized rankings with pinpoint accuracy. And not because we say so, but because our system is backed by geolocation proxies from Trusted Proxies.
Unlike other rank trackers, AWR Cloud allows you to optimize your use of resources and the costs to get rankings. You can easily gather your rankings automatically and enjoy uninterrupted results, or get fresh data on-demand according to your own business needs.
Localized rankings screenshot
Perfect solution screenshot
Grant access to your campaigns for an unlimited number of clients or team members and easily assign them specific read/write permissions, so they can visualize or edit the data at any time.

Say goodbye to FTP configurations and provide your clients with a seamless reporting experience. Brand reports with your own domain name and company logo and share insightful data online with clients.

Create an unlimited number of campaigns and track as many competitor websites as you need, without paying a single extra cent.

Overcome language biases and expand your customer base internationally with support for special characters. Track keywords in Latin, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese or Korean alphabets without any additional settings.
Special characters keywords screenshot
Clean interface screenshot
Secure sharing screenshot

AWR Cloud has a responsive design and looks amazing on mobile devices offering you the possibility to check your ranking data from anyplace your business takes you.
3 09, 2016

Webbee SEO Spider Tool (Just Added)

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SEO Spider
  Are you ready to audit your website? You can get a desktop-based SEO spider that can crawl your website following the pattern of major search engine bots. It can search every nook and corner of your website to spotlight fruitful opportunities and critical issues, which can be turned into major benefits. Download the web-based SEO spider to understand the exact steps to turn your site into a traffic magnet. Download EeBew today to get the entire advantages offered by this tool. This is the insider’s guide for keyword intelligence mode which you cannot afford to leave alone.     Technical SEO
3 09, 2016


By |September 3rd, 2016|Categories: , |Tags: |0 Comments                   Are you looking forward to finding some of the best bloggers and influencers? Are you trying to measure the value of your content while managing your relationships? If you have been attempting any of the above, you should be looking forward to placing your trust on GroupHigh. This is the name trusted by the majors within the industry to search for over 15 million active blogs by content, reach, location, following, Mozrank and a number of other filters To complete these significant tasks, GroupHigh is the tool you should be looking forward to getting. It can help you go about with list building like never before. The powerful filters can allow you to organize, segment group your influencers and bloggers like none other. Best of all is the fact that your followers, SEO statistics and content are updated automatically.     Link Building
3 09, 2016

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

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                  When looking for a robust database of sources for stories that are upcoming and everyday opportunities for sources that can help to secure valuable media coverage, HARO is the tool to use. Additionally, identified as ‘Help a Reporter Out’ is being used by major media outlets such as Fox News, Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. HARO has partnered with GorkanaJobs to expand their services to the communities of PR and journalists. You even have the opportunity to check out the jobs’ board for openings throughout the field of communications.     Link Building
3 09, 2016

Bulk Keyword Generator

By |September 3rd, 2016|Categories: |Tags: |0 Comments   This is a Bulk Keyword Generator that allows you the option of generating the keywords required simply by choosing the type of business you are in and selecting the services and the locations to receive keyword templates which you will definitely find helpful. This tool has 349 templates and has until this time generated over 10 million keywords even as it has been used just over 1400 times. If you are looking for a bulk keyword generator, this is the tool you should be looking forward to having. Generating bulk keywords has been made easier by the IMforSMB bulk keyword generator. You can use this DIY keyword generator by choosing the business or services that you represent and entering the locations of the business. You have 349 keyword templates, which have been used 1424 times by millions. This tool will certainly provide you with a number of benefits which you will find invaluable.     Technical SEO, Content Optimization
3 09, 2016


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Simple, smart blogger outreach
  If your clients are looking up to you for better digital outreach and a validation of the results, you should be looking forward to raising your game with the help of Inkybee’s powerful tools for outreach. As an agency, you have a responsibility towards your clients who could be looking forward to you for inspiration about their target audience. Inkybee has everything you need plus more to deliver brilliant results and to keep your clients happy.     Link Building
3 09, 2016


By |September 3rd, 2016|Categories: |Tags: |0 Comments   Jaaxy is the only research platform you will need to understand the kind of competition that a keyword has in search engines. This is the single most valuable piece of data you can have. Without having information about how many websites are ranked for a keyword, you are actually just gambling. It is one of the reasons why most keyword tools discovered until this moment haven’t worked for you efficiently. You can begin using Jaaxy for free by creating a trial account for yourselves. If you are searching for one of the most powerful research platforms in the world should be looking forward to joining Jaaxy right away. One of the most valuable information you should be looking forward to having is to understand the competition one could have for search engines. Without the information, you are probably gambling with your keywords. If keywords haven’t worked for you in the past, this is practically the reason for your failure. Wondering what Jaaxy can do for you? It can provide you with real case studies and a comprehensive keyword research along with accurate competition metrics. User data provided by Jaaxy helps your business to move forward because you will never be required to look behind again.     Technical SEO, Content Optimization
3 09, 2016

Panguin Tool

By |September 3rd, 2016|Categories: |Tags: |0 Comments   The Panguin tool acts as a Google algorithm update and penalty checker. This tool provided by allows you to see how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted the traffic to your website. You need to login with your Google account and select any of your analytics profiles. You can get to see your organic traffic and algorithm updates in a single view. The tool is certainly helpful and can keep you away from unwanted expenses.   Rank Tracking, Content Optimization
3 09, 2016

Uber Suggest

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Ubersuggest SEO Tool Review

Ubersuggest is a keyword tool that can provide you with a large range of unique keywords instantly. The keywords provided by this tool will not be available in the Google Keyword Planner. You will be able to conduct next level SEO research for keyword ideas so that you can utilize them for better SEO, content marketing campaign and PPC. You can use this tool instantly through the site link. For more data, you can install the free extension for Chrome and Firefox in order to obtain CPC and volume for free.

Cost: Free