SEO Monitor   SEO Monitor is a SEO measuring tool that can help you accurately measure as well as predict SEO traffic growth, manage your campaigns in a strategic manner and provide your agency or business with pitching solution. You will be able to receive accurate solutions as Google Analytics’ hidden data, revenue and keyword level can be analyzed. SEO Monitor provides you with the segmentation of organic traffic both brand and non-branded. This tool acts as a business case builder since you can obtain forecasts and tracked progress reports. SEO Monitor can provide you with a better approach to measure your site’s SEO performance. You can receive and maintain an improved visibility score, revenue forecasts, keyword opportunities and difficulties, competition insights and benefit extensively from automatic keyword research. You can expect your campaigns to be managed in a well strategic manner as your content performance, search reputation and dashboard will be available for viewing. Overtake your competitors effortlessly through the pitching solution. SEO Monitor can help you build winning SEO proposals as you discover several competitive advantages. Enjoy a demo, sign up to a free trial or to a plan that is suited to your aspirations at a small cost. Build your prospects’ trust with all the strong and accurate information tracked, monitored and presented by the SEO Monitor tool.     Technical SEO
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Joshua Belland is the CEO & Founder of Joshua Belland SEO Consulting. He specializes in developing SEO driven content strategies, while using his web development skills for technical SEO. Josh's career in SEO started in 2009 and uses his blog/writing as a means to give back to the SEO community while educating other's in the industry. Linkedin | Google+ | Twitter