SEOGadget for Excel

SEOgadget for Excel
  An individual using Excel for SEO purposes will find the SEOGadget For Excel to be an invaluable tool to have. They will be able to unlock the incredible capabilities of tool provider data from Majestic SEO, Moz and Grepwords within Excel. This tool is available from and is believed to be a boon for almost the entire search marketing ecosystem. You will need to install the SEOGadget for Excel by downloading the installation file and running the setup file from the download.This is better than getting CSV reports, which take long to download and are not particularly productive when being analyzed. SEOGadget for Excel addresses the problem directly by connecting to services like Majestic SEO and Moz via their API services. If you decide to use SEOgadget for Excel, it will make your job incredibly easy.     Backlink analysis
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