3 09, 2016


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Serps.com is a keyword research tool designed for SEO agency, mobile keyword rank tracking, local bank tracking and local SEO software for franchises. It has a bulk rank checker and is a white label SEO software. You can use this tool for a free trial or even sign up for a plan if you feel the need for it instantly. SERPs.com is not trying to be an all-in-one SEO solution nor looking forward to peppering you with questionable automated SEO recommendations. Instead, this tool is giving you the data you need to conduct an analysis of your own. You can track thousands of keywords from different search engines and languages on multiple devices regardless of your location at any time. You can conduct keyword research database, keyword tagging, bulk rank checker and a number of tests, which are usually not available with other tools of this type. You also have an opportunity to start your 30-day free trial right away simply by registering for an account. Sign Up    

3 09, 2016

SEO Toolbox for your Browser

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SEOQuake is a powerful SEO toolbox for your browser. You can check any web page for a huge selection of SEO parameters on the move with the SEOQuake browser extension which is available for free. You will have the ability to conduct an on-page audit in a flash, examine internal as well as external links and compare domains as well as URLs in real-time. You can also export any data collected into a file. SEOQuake is also available for Firefox and Opera. Sign Up

3 09, 2016


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ShareMetric is a Chrome extension that can load social media share counts, link metrics and organic search visibility metrics for the current browser URL. Social share counts are loaded into the icon badge along with the drop-down menu that can display a full list of metrics. The list will include Google +1 count, LinkedIn shares, StumbleUpon stumbles and a range of other social media counts which you will find useful. Get Extension

3 09, 2016

LSI Graph – LSIGraph.com

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LSI Graph - What, Why and How Looking forward to generating some latent semantic indexing keywords? Then look no further than LSI Graph. Not only is it one of the most powerful keyword research tools on the market... but it's FREE... COMPLETELY FREE. Yes, LSI Graph is pretty kick ass! LSI Graph allows you to start generating latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI) for your SEO needs along with the LSI Keyword Generator tool. Quite a few businesses and agencies have begun using LSI Graph to generate the kind of keywords they need for their search engine optimization. You can check out LSI Graph, here: http://lsigraph.com/   Category: Keyword Research Tool

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