If you’re experienced with WordPress, there is no doubt that you’ve encountered some form of malicious attack or bot spam. WordPress is known for having security vulnerabilities, but regardless, it is still the most widely used CMS on the web, and for good reason. So for those of you who have just been hacked or want to take preventative measures, here are 5 quick tips that will keep your WordPress site free of malware and safe from intruders.
  1. Ensure that there is not an admin account named “admin” in the system – it is the most popular username out there and should not be used
  2. Use https (ssl certificate) for the site to prevent data theft when logging in – requires ssl certificate that can be bought for about 200 per year
  3. After a hack, change all passwords for your users and make sure they are strong
  4. Keep wordpress up to date with latest version
  5. After hack, run a virus scan on site – can be accomplished with available plugins
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