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Learn SEO – Beginners to Advanced SEO Guide

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Learn SEO Pre-Requisites

Before jumping into some of the more advanced SEO guides, let’s start off with some basic information. The following information is essentially the foundation of SEO. Learning SEO can be tedious and it can get quite technical; however, if you take the time to learn SEO Basics first, you will find that your journey will go much smoother.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

What Is Search Engine Optimization
So, How Do I Learn SEO? Well, the first question you may be asking is, “What is SEO?” Understanding what SEO is a good place to start learning how to do SEO. Learn SEO from beginner to advance. You’ll be a pro by the time you’re done going through this course.

Why Is Search Marketing Necessary?

why is search marketing necessary
When you think about it, the question is more like, Why is any other marketing necessary? With over 80% of people starting their buyer journey through search, it’s no wonder.

How Search Engine’s Work

how search engines work
Search Engines are mostly built to serve the same purpose – To quickly retrieve information. While their purpose may be the same in spirit, their algorithms are very difference in teh way they approach display results.

Search Engine Friendly Basics

search engine friendly basics
Learn the basics of how to make your website and content search engine friendly.

What are backlinks and how do I get them?

learn seo
Backlinks are the number one ranking factor according to Google. Learn what backlinks are and how to get them.

SEO 101 Guides for Learning SEO

Here is a plane HTML List:

What is SEO?


You hear the term SEO, or search engine optimization, used quite often today; however, there are many misconceptions as to what SEO is, how to learn it and learning SEO involves.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a web page position higher in search engines (like Google) for the keywords your customers are using to find your products or services.

These tactics make all of the difference in the world when you are trying to operate an online business of sorts, either by selling products or services to others for profit.

Accomplishing Mass Appeal

Every second of every day, there are millions of people using major search engines to browse the internet for products, services, or information. With billions upon billions of pages of web content available, it could be a train wreck just waiting to happen.

This is exactly why Google has such a sophisticated algorithm. If rankings were solely reliant on keywords and content, the search results would be too convoluted, making the quality of the results poor.

So, how did Google figure out a way to keep poor results from showing up? They had a bright idea and it makes a lot of sense! The idea was to not only choose the most relevant content but also choose the most popular content. This is why PageRank was developed by Larry Page.

What Is Universal Search?

With the SEO methods in place these search engines can separate requests based on images, location, video availability, academic statuses and certifications, and many other defining factors. Sometimes Google aggregates these content types on first page, it that we refer to as Universal Search.

Understanding the Rules of SEO

As any organization or entity does, search engines all have their own guidelines as well. These guidelines exist to protect Good websites from bad websites and protect Google’s users from seeing the bad websites.

For a webmaster, these guidelines are particularly important. If one should break the rules, penalties are in place to bury them in the search engines.

Defining SEO

While the internet has opened up the possibilities of success for many businesses, it is important to ensure that a fair playing field is maintained. Using the guidelines for SEO content and practices ensures everyone follows these guidelines. This has some big pros for the business owners out there.

With SEO practices, you can conduct research as to what people are searching for. This gives business owners the ability to see what products and services they offer that should be highlighted. Limiting the amount of keywords included in the content does make the content writer think more about the important points to include. This also provides a higher level of clarity that should be focused on concerning the products or services that people can use for decision making purposes. All-in-all the SEO rules and regulations are a positive aspect for all online businesses and consumers involved.

How to Learn SEO

Learning SEO takes time and practice just like anything else. However, the unique thing about SEO is that most don’t typically learn it in school. In fact, the most well-known SEO practitioners in the industry didn’t go to school for SEO, but rather pioneered today’s learning literature.

The truth is, all you need is to read online resources and practice. Knowing where to find good information is half the battle. A great place to start would be places like:


Understanding the SEO Process

SEO Process

And of course you have the resources I’ve created below…

SEO Learning Guides
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