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Learn SEO Pre-Requisites

You are here because you want to either Learn SEO or have some interest in learning SEO. Well, now you have the chance to learn from a real, self-taught, proven SEO Expert.  Either way, this is a great resource to learn from and I’ll be sure to recommend some other great guides that will help you along the way. Now, let’s get to building 

Before jumping into some of the more advanced SEO guides, let’s start off with some basic information. The following information is essentially the foundation of SEO. Learning SEO can be tedious and it can get quite technical; however, if you take the time to learn SEO Basics first, you will find that your journey will go much smoother.

How to Learn SEO

Learning SEO takes time and practice just like anything else. However, the unique thing about SEO is that most don’t typically learn it in school. In fact, the most well-known SEO practitioners in the industry didn’t go to school for SEO, but rather pioneered today’s learning literature.

The truth is, all you need is to read online resources and practice. Knowing where to find good information is half the battle. A great place to start would be places like:

  • Moz.com
  • Searchenginejournal.com
  • Searchengineland.com
  • Pointblankseo.com
  • SEObook.com
  • Backlinko.com
  • Quicksprout.com

And of course you have the resources I’ve created below…