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Local SEO Services

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.55.38 AMLocal SEO is a rapidly changing practice with huge benefits for local businesses. Being ranked for the right keyword within Google’s local-pack 3 has the potential to drive consistent leads, foot traffic and revenue for established businesses and startups alike.

Local Pack 3 is the set of three local search results that Google displays. At one point in time, Google displayed up to 7 listings but that’s not the case anymore. Local SEO is now m competitive than ever, but I’ve helped over 100 businesses get there and I can help you too.



What are the benefits of Local SEO?

Local SEO isn’t the same as advertising. Instead, the results are organically generated based on signals that your site sends to Google. Once your website is sending the right signals, your site will rank in the local pack. These results are typically long-term and don’t require you to continually throw money at in order to keep them.

How do I know that Local SEO is Right for Me?

  • You have a brick and mortar business/store front or you provide services in a local area.
  • You run a consumer based business or offer commercial supplies to local businesses.
  • Traditional marketing isn’t seeming to get you anywhere further than you were.
  • People often have to get directions to your location.
  • Most of your leads are generated from phone calls.
  • Most of your leads are generated from scheduled appointments.
  • You have a relatively quick sales process that can benefit from direct response campaigns.