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In a growing city like Austin, your business needs to stand out among all of its competitors in the digital space. If you have the best product or service in your industry, it means nothing if your search engine optimization is not up to par. The major search engines control anywhere from 70% to 90% of all web traffic. Unless you have a brand that is already internationally popular, you will need to exercise good SEO in order to succeed in the modern digital market.

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Search engine authorization is not something that you have to take on by yourself. The discipline is far too complicated these days to do so without a full-time staff. You need a dedicated professional team by your side, making sure that your company is performing its best in the current market while consistently looking for changes that affect your SEO in real time.

Let’s take a look at why we have the absolute best search engine optimization service in Austin. We will also relate our core competencies directly to benefits that your business can enjoy.

Increasing Your Visibility On the Web

Increasing Your Online Visibility

Although we are in the digital age of marketing, the old adage is still apply to a degree. All press is good press. Today, Google, Yahoo, Bing and the search engines focused on your industry niche serve as the distribution structure for your “press.” You need to build trust within these distribution structures as quickly as possible. However, you cannot forgo the quality of your association in the pursuit of speedy visibility. There is a certain balance here that must be maintained, and we are the company to do it.

In short, Google and the rest of the major search engines work on a scale of trust. The more that your website is trusted, the higher it appears in search rankings. Visibility leads to many positive things for your business. People tend to trust companies that they see more often, and the statistics behind Google search rankings solidify this:

– The number one listing on Google for a particular keyword gets around 70% of the clicks for that keyword.

– Listings on the first page of Google for a particular keyword get around 90% of the clicks for that keyword.

– If your listing is beyond page 3 of Google results, then it may as well not even be on the Internet.

Do not relegate yourself to the grave of digital anonymity. Visibility means business, and you get visibility from the major search engines – nowhere else!

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Great Keyword Research

The secret to building trust on Google and on the rest of the major search engines is the keyword. Keywords give you a niche in your marketplace that Google can recognize. There are additional benefits to researching localized, relevant keywords as well. You learn how people see your business, and you are better able to brand yourself in future iterations of your overall marketing program.

Sticking to the primary association that you will have with your keywords, good research is essential for one reason primarily. The better that your brand matches with its optimized keywords, the higher your search engine ranking. As we mentioned above, the higher your search engine ranking, the more visibility you have. This can only lead to a host of other good things.

When you do business with us, we make sure that your keyword research is precise and localized. We understand the secrets behind picking longtail keywords that will resonate with your human visitors as well as with the major search engines. Here are just a few of the reasons that your keywords need to be chosen so precisely:

– Many generic keywords have already been usurped by international conglomerates with millions of dollars in the bank. If you do not have millions of dollars in the bank to compete with them, then you need to optimize your website for longtail keywords.

– Google and the rest of the major search engines reward localized content and optimization. Let’s put this another way. If you go local first and succeed there, Google will help you go global. There is no such thing as marketing to the entire Internet. If you try to do this, your ranking will only decrease in the major search engines. Depending on the techniques that you use, you may even get your site blacklisted.

– Optimising your website for localized, relevant keywords yields your trust in the eyes of the major search engines. Once this trust is built, it is very difficult to take away. You basically have a contract with Google and the rest of the major search engines that helps you to solidify a place in the digital marketing landscape. This is an investment that will pay off for years into the future if you get it right today.

As an Austin SEO expert, our company can help you create a real relationship with Google and the rest of the major search engines. We will research the proper keywords for your industry, niche and individual company. This will help to bring more qualified prospects to your website, improving not only your visibility, but also your marketing ROI and conversion rates.

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