Houston Law Firm SEO Services are getting more complex every day. As Houston’s top Attorney SEO Agency, we understand the nuances that the legal industry faces. Our knowledge of the legal industry allows us to navigate through situations that other agencies have difficulty overcoming, which improves productivity, saves you time and garners SEO results in some of the most competitive industry niches on the web.

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Law Firms all face stiff competition in their respective markets. In some cases, the options for cost effective marketing are almost slim to none…
Law Firm SEO is the most cost effective, sustainable marketing investment law firms can make. SEO for Law firms requires some patience, however… SEO isn’t an overnight solution, but it is the ultimate long-term solution with the biggest return.

Why Not Just Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Law Firms?

The Problem Lawyers Face: Pay-Per-Click Advertising ranges anywhere from $10/click – $400/click (*Personal Injury) for attorneys and in many cases, it takes at least 40-50 clicks to get one qualified leads.

The Cost Per Click is Way to High

I do not recommend using PPC as an advertising tactic to lawyers practicing personal injury or mass torts for lead generation… when the Cost per Click is upwards of $400/click, it doesn’t make sense to try generating leads with PPC Advertising.

You Will Be Lucky to See Short Term ROI

The average personal injury law firm does not want to spend more than $3,000 to acquire a qualified lead. Not to say, the law firm doesn’t get lucky and land a million dollar case right off the bat; however, as you and I both know, that’s not normally how it works.

Where PPC Is Useful When it Comes to Law Firm Advertising

PPC Advertising is also extremely beneficial for law firms if it is done correctly. It can be a source of instant leads and brand recognition. Some law firms in a different stage of their business are at a point where they just need to take more market share. In this scenario, Pay-per-click advertising makes sense.

Houston Law Firm SEO Is What We Do

If you are an aggressive litigator, then you probably understand how our team approaches legal SEO. We are bullish with every campaign we take on. We don’t stop until you hit #1.

Our Attorney SEO Strategy for legal practices is a four prong approach, which caters to over 200 ranking factors that Google considers:

  1. Content Marketing: It is absolutely crucial. We have copywriters with experience in writing content for law firms. They know most of the State Bar policies and can make complicated ideas easy to understand.
  2. Link Building Outreach – We have several layers of link building and outreach we do for our law firm SEO clients. This process takes the longest because it requires a dedicated person reaching out to bloggers, universities, influencers and such.
  3. Social Strategy – We focus on building awareness and getting your content in front of influencers using social media. We will used organic and paid methods to do this so that you get maximum visibility.
  4. Technical SEO: We are really… really…. really good at technical SEO.

Lawyer SEO Marketing

Houston Law Firm SEO Marketing is a specialized skill that only few SEO agencies can perform well in. The legal space is such a competitive industry that it requires an experienced legal SEO marketing agency to get top results. Law firms see huge benefits and returns from search engine optimization when they get results.

Attorney SEO Agency with Experience

As an Attorney SEO expert of over 11 years, I have worked with numerous law firms. Every practice is different, every area they practice in has its own specific needs. Fortunately, the SEO Marketing Agency for Legal Professionals that I have built has an excellent track record for garnering top results.
Advertising costs can be astronomical for lawyers. In some cases, terms like Personal Injury Lawyer Houston, advertisers are paying as much as $350/click. For most attorneys, that’s just not worth the cost or the risk.

Instead of paying outrageous advertising costs, taking a long-term organic approach can generate a much higher, more sustainable return. Marketing for attorneys can be conducted in a number of ways. This is one area that you need to explore immediately if you want your practice to succeed.

A team of Legal marketing experts can help you reach the widest possible audience in the shortest amount of time. This is the key to long term success in your field.

What is SEO and Why Do You Need it for Your Practice?

If you are not aware of what attorney SEO is and what it can do for your practice, now is the time for you to get up to speed. SEO is the set of tactics and techniques that will help you advertise your legal practice to the largest possible audience. When you find out what these keywords are, you can use them to great effect in your website content.

When you post content on your website, it needs to be filled with SEO keywords. These are the words that your public will use to search on the web for legal services in their area. The most effective keywords are the ones that people use most often. By making use of them, you can influence how quickly the content from your site will turn up in an average local search engine result.

The reason that you need to use legal SEO on your website should now be obvious. The more of these techniques that you make use of, the more easily your public can find you on the web. The sooner you connect with a potential client, the sooner you can get started on a new case together.

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert Who Understands What Law Firms Need

Not everyone is born with first rate advertising and computing skills. This is why it’s such a good idea to delegate the marketing of your practice to experts who understand the importance of SEO. These are the pros who can help get your practice the exposure it needs in order to reach people. It’s an excellent idea to hire such a team as soon as possible.

When it comes to finding an expert that understands marketing for attorneys, the search should not take too long. In fact, you can easily use the web to find an SEO expert in your area. The key is to choose one that specializes in law firm SEO marketing on behalf of attorneys. Just Google Law Firm SEO Houston and you will likely see the best candidates at the top of Google search results.

The sooner you begin to work with a team of legal SEO experts, the sooner you can begin to reap the rewards of increased exposure. Your content will begin to show up in search results more often. This will draw more visitors to your site. As a result, your business will begin to pick up. Effective legal marketing is the tool that will enable your practice to become a dominant player in your local area.