technical seo services houstonTechnical SEO Services are important and is becoming more important each day. Google has put a significant amount of weight on technical factors related to user experience and the quality of a webpage. There is a reason for this and it all comes down to the user.

Why Google Cares About Quality So Much

Well, why wouldn’t they? Google’s success came from providing higher quality search results to their users than other search  engines like Yahoo and Bing. Their first game-changing approach was with PageRank, an algorithm developed by Larry Page. This was the beginning of how Google set themselves apart and grew into the empire they are today.

Why Do You Care?

You may not consciously notice this, but for the same reason you use Google over other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, you get better results when you use Google. That’s due to their algorithm which takes over 200 different ranking factors into consideration.

Technical SEO Services for Website Redesigns

In my tenure, I’ve seen websites lose as much as 90% of their traffic due to website redesigns. There are even some agencies that will tell you that you should expect to lose traffic. What if I told you that you don’t have to lose any traffic?

The Fact of the Matter is that You Don’t Have to Lose ANY TRAFFIC. ZERO. NONE….

That is, if you plan it out correctly and implement the correct technical SEO factors. I consult with you, plan and help see the entire project through with your web team. I can help you implement structured data, properly build out your xml sitemaps, plan complex information architecture, guide your web development team and create a solid long-term SEO plan that will build a foundation for success. Feel free to give me a call. No initial consultation fee, no hassle. I’m always happy to help. Want to read more? Check out my Link Building Services