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Are Keywords as Important as They Used to Be

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to stay abreast of the latest SEO news. You should spend a certain amount of time browsing the world wide web for the latest SEO tips and strategies. If you make a habit of doing so, you may come across a number of [...]

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Last-Minute Ways to Boost SEO During the Holiday Season

Man, the Holidays are right around the corner and this year needs to be much better than the last... As entrepreneurs, we've all been there. Most companies want to maximize their online visibility during the holiday season. For B2C companies, the impact on revenue is the greatest. Even B2B companies benefit from being more visible [...]

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Top 57 Local Directories to Boost Your Local SEO

When you add your business to local directories, it helps improve your local rank. When doing local SEO, this should be one of your first steps. That said, here are 57 local directories to get you started: 2findlocal 411 8coupons ABLocal Allonesearch AmericanTowns Bing Bizwiki Citysearch CitySquares CoPilot Cylex DexKnows eLocal EZlocal [...]

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Multi-Channel SEO Strategy Case Study for Texan Hyundai

Texan Hyundai, in partnership with Firefect Digital Marketing, set a sales record during their December 2016 holiday sales drive. The Rosenberg dealership not only had their highest-selling month ever, but ranked among the highest for new Hyundai sales nationwide. The successful marketing campaign led and created by Firefect Digital and led by CEO/Founder, Joshua Bellnad, was established in only [...]

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How SEO Has Changed from 10 Years Ago to 2017 (Post Fred & Feb 7 Update)

How SEO Has Changed SEO has changed significantly over the past decade, transforming from a simple understanding of algorithms into a discipline unto its own. Search engine optimization today primarily deals with machine-learning, context-sensitive systems that are intentionally designed not to be fooled. Spam, over-optimized pages, and to a certain extent even keywords are all [...]

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5 Essential Steps to Build a Winning SEO Strategy

A defined strategy is what every project needs. And when it comes to SEO, it is no different. Check out these 5 fundamental steps to ensure the success of your SEO campaign in the long-run.

The post 5 Fundamental Steps to Build a Winning SEO Strategy by @grybniak appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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Technical SEO Rocks

Here are some of my favorite technical SEO Resources and Blogs Scott Lobdell's Technical SEO Case Study Joshua Belland's Website Redesign Guide Quicksprout Beginner's Guide to Technical SEO  

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What are backlinks and How Do I Get Them?

By SEO Consultant – Joshua Belland What are Backlinks? A backlink occurs when one webpage links to another webpage located on a different website (domain name). The page that the link is pointed to is the page which has the backlink. To further illustrate, let’s take a look at the [...]

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Where Can I Find the Best SEO Learning Resources?

SEO Learning Resources are all over the web, but we don't always know which ones to trust! In most cases, people are just publishing curated content that they see from the original sources. So, I've put together a list of SEO Resources that you can count on. MOZ SEO Beginners Guide Kiss Metrics Comprehensive SEO [...]

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