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19 11, 2019

Business Blogging: How to Dominate Your Competitors with Your Killer Business Blog

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Starting a blog for your business is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. It's not enough to start a blog and add new content whenever you happen to get around to posting fresh content. You must approach business blogging like a military leader heading into battle. If you aren't strategic in developing a blog for your business, your chances of succeeding are slim. Integrate the following business blogging tips into your strategy and there's a good chance you can dominate your competitors when it comes to informational offerings and supercharged SEO. 1) Understanding the importance of search engine optimization is critical if you want to succeed in blogging for your business. You must understand the types of words potential customers use when searching for a business like yours online and how they phrase their questions. With mobile search dominating the consumer markets, there are a growing number of people using digital assistants or “voice search,” thus impacting your SEO strategy. 2) If you want to dominate your competitors with your business' blog, doesn't it make sense to investigate what your competition is [...]

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