How Many Keywords Should I Be Targeting Per Page?

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How many keywords per page of content is best practice? There isn't just one answer to that question because there are numerous variables to consider before developing your content strategy. However, there is a wrong way to do SEO, which will surely get you nowhere in Google's search results. Beware of SEO Agencies Who Sell You on "Keyword Pages" While every SEO plan requires a keyword strategy, that doesn't mean writing a page of content for every possible keyword, synonym, plural variation, etc is a good approach. In fact, you will fail if you take that approach. No one wants to waste their time, only to be left with low quality content written by underpaid writers. I say "underpaid" because many skilled writers are underpaid, but write anyway because it is what they love to do. Even then, they aren't going to do the level of research you need unless they share the same passion for your industry that you do. "Keyword Pages" Are Not a Thing Search Engines are meant to help users connect to information that they need. Today's users expect, fast, [...]