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Pay-per-click advertising is well known as a top advertising medium for generating leads and sales online. It comes as no surprise since over 80% of consumers research products online through Google search or social media prior to making a purchasing decision. The opportunity to influence buyers with intent is tremendous and by hiring the right PPC Management Agency, you can enhance the return on your ad spend significantly.

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is exactly how it sounds. PPC search ads are typically found at the top and bottom of a search results page. When people click on your search listing, you pay a certain amount of money per click.

The cost per click of a pay-per-click ad is determined by how much a company bids on a specific keyword. The higher the bid, the higher your ad will rank within the ad search results.

The beauty of PPC advertising is that you can instantly drive traffic to your website and learn exactly which keywords drive leads. As you optimize for PPC, you can begin to understand the actual cost per acquisition or cost per lead. Once you have determined that number, the next step would be to calculate your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This is why PPC Advertising is so powerful. Everything can be measured.

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