[00:00:09] Hello everyone.   Joshua Belland: [00:00:10] This is Josh Belland and this is the SEO-X Uncensored podcast. Yeah. So, the name SEO-X Uncensored is really just an attention grabber in the Uncensored part really means that we’re providing you with information that other SEOs really aren’t telling you. We don’t want to go just high level.   [00:00:31] Now, I will give you a little bit of a warning. Some of the things that we’re going to be talking about are seriously advanced and they go beyond you know just beginner SEO information and lessons so if you are a beginner this actual podcast might be good for you because we’re going to be discussing different types of tools and platforms that we like to use in order to give us the best insights and help us make informed decisions. So Jeremy he is also an SEO. He’s been working with me for the past couple of years but in the in the meantime.   [00:01:06] And he’s also my brother. His name is Jeremy Belland. Jeremy say hi.   Jeremy Belland: [00:01:10] Hi.   [00:01:11] All right. And so we want to cover a few different SEO platforms and tools that we like to use that really help us take it to the next level. And one of the first ones we want to talk about is screaming frog Jeremy. I know that’s one of your favorite tracks.   Jeremy Belland: [00:01:26] That is one of my favorites. Yeah. So a screaming frog is just you know it’s been around for a while. I think that any serious SEO probably uses screaming frog. The beauty of it is that it’s a free tool and it also has a premium version which I use and it gives me some extra capabilities like being able to extract content so that I can export that into a spreadsheet, compare it against competitor data and different key elements on the page. It also allows me to find certain keywords on the page and will show me any instance of that. Those are some of the advanced features that you would get with the premium version. Also with the premium version allows you to crawl more than 500 resources. So if you have a page or a site that has more than 500 pages or even more than five hundred resources which means that your JavaScript files CSS files all those count as one then you’d need to go with the premium version. But you know for a small site you’re trying to analyze maybe you’re just getting your feet wet in it. The free version works great and it gives you a complete breakdown and structure of your site. So I think that’s super valuable.   Jeremy Belland: [00:02:36] Oh yeah. One thing I really like about it is that it helps you make informed decisions.   [00:02:43] Yeah it helps you fetch those key elements and analyze it in a technical and onsite SEO. That’s where it really thrives. So you know so the screaming frog.   [00:02:56] Go check it out. Go down a lot of Google it. I believe it’s screamingfrog.co.uk. It’s built in the UK so and they do a really good job at that anyway. So going onto the next one my favorite platform of all and screaming frog is great but this one is by far my favorite. It’s what I use every single day and that’s SEM rush. I think that a lot of SEOs out there use this. It is a premium tool. It does cost a little bit. I mean it’s they’ve got different levels you can go. I think it starts around ninety nine dollars a month. I think they have one hundred and eighty dollars a month version and then they have a two hundred nine dollar version or maybe it maybe even more than that. But go ahead and check it out. It can give you some insights for free. They have a freemium version of it too so you can see what kind of keywords your competitors are ranking for and it helps you get a lot of keyword data as you rush is unique because it started off as just a platform that would help you spy on your competitors and do keyword research. Over the years they’ve really advanced it. It’s gone from doing that to being a complete advertising and marketing platform. And this means that if you’re an advertiser or you’re a marketer this is a platform that you can use as well every single day. It can help you post to your social profiles. It connects with those it will listen for mentions anywhere on the web and we’ll even pick up old mentions of your brand on the web. You can also if you want to listen for keywords and mentions of specific keywords then you can put that in there and it will collect all that data for you all across the web. It doesn’t matter if it’s on social or if it’s on some sort of web site or trade journal it’s going to collect that information and it’s anything that’s public it will it will collect.   Jeremy Belland: [00:04:54] So what is going to say it does go ahead. One of the coolest things about CRM Rush is that you can use the geographical database. And another thing is that you can actually build reports for your clients with this.   Joshua Belland: [00:05:06] Oh yes.   Joshua Belland: [00:05:06] So that was another thing that wasn’t included in SEMrush back in the day. It didn’t allow you to do customer reports but since they’ve added all these features it’s come a long way and it can allow you to customize all of your data for your clients in the reports white label the whole nine as far as the geographical data it allows you to take rankings at the zip code level. You can pull rankings from that from from many different geo targeted levels so that you can get accurate data. I think one of the biggest challenges when an SEO company or agency or consultant is trying to get position reports of their clients is that a lot of them will do it on a national level and SEMrush allows you to get accurate data based on where your client is and especially through a local business.   Jeremy Belland: [00:05:58] Oh I gotcha. Yeah. That all makes sense right.   [00:06:03] So you know outside of just building reports in and using a geographical database. There is another thing I liked to use and that’s the backlink analysis tool. Now their basic backlink analysis tool is OK. It’s nothing like majesticseo or ahrefs, which that’s the next one I’m going to be talking about. But it does connect with Google Search console. And if you know something about Google Search console you know that a that that provides backlink data and it’s any type of backlink that Google recognizes pointing to your site whether it’s follow or no follow. And with that report it will go through and it will do a toxicity report on your backlinks so it will tell you whether or not there is some toxic patterns happening with the backlink analysis. It will definitely help you identify things that you should disavow. And I personally I love that feature.   [00:07:02] If it wasn’t for the fact that and search console data probably never use it but since it does I think it’s a great tool because even picks up links that ahrefs, majestic and other backlink analysis tools don’t because of that feature. So then the third tool I want to talk to you about and this one is probably my favorite. It’s helped me get clients myself and other people out of a bind because it’s so good at picking up backlink data and that is a drifts. Now this tool is a literal expensive. It runs about one hundred eighty bucks a month. And you can go up from there. But the beauty of ahrefs is that a price provides more back link analysis data than in any other tool I’ve seen. It also will even pick up canonical links. So I’ll tell you a story about something that recently happened to me. I noticed that I had a backlink coming to a site but the landing page it was linking to where the target page link to was not my site. It was actually being tied to me by canonical link and the domain was viagra.vc. I went to that domain and I realized it was an exact mirror of my site with my canonical link pointing back to me and it helped me pick up and find a negative SEO web property that was that was pointing to me. And if I wouldn’t have seen that I would have just let it go. But because I did I was able to take action on that and we will definitely have another podcast on how to combat negative SEO. It really exists. It’s real it’s out there. Google has gotten better at keeping you from from getting it getting affected by it but it definitely is out there. Yes. So Jeremy let me let me ask you this. You know I know we’re talking about SEO tools out here but I think that one of my favorite features with SEMRush and we’ll get back to ahrefs and SEO but I SEMRush has some of their new tools like the content with the content their SEO content sheet that it can spit out for you.   [00:09:09] That tells you all the keywords you need to write or include on your page when you’re writing content.   [00:09:14] Yeah I came across that a couple times and it’s helped me out of a bind and I have learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot about the content that I’ve been working on and how it’s formatted.   [00:09:24] I think that I think that what I love about it in this is something I use all the time is that it takes the keyword densities of the top 10 Web sites that are ranking for the keyword that you insert.   [00:09:37] And it gives you all of those keywords and it puts it on a sheet tells you whether those keywords are put in a title tag or so take SEO quake something that you may use where it gives you a keyword density report. And this tool basically takes that analysis where it tells you all if your one word most common two or three words and then it uses it gives you the top 10 results automatically and it gives you a full out recommendation SEO ideas. Anything that you need to know so that you can write content effectively. Once you’ve written that content you can actually switch over to the content writing analysis with the article analysis and you can put your content in there and we’ll tell you and give you a score based on readability and how well it’s optimized compared to your competitors. And I think that is amazing.   Jeremy Belland: [00:10:27] Yes it is.   [00:10:28] Saves you a ton of time. It helps you get the content right the first time in. Also if you’re working with an outsourced writer or you have in-house writers it’s a great tool for your writers to be able to utilize. They get the SEO content writing done properly.   [00:10:43] It’s almost like a game and I love anything that’s game to. It makes it fun.   Jeremy Belland: [00:10:47] Yeah.   Joshua Belland: [00:10:49] So this is it just so this is our first podcast. I kind of want to break in and say hi everyone. You know I love this show. I’m passionate about it. So is Jeremy. There will be many more podcasts to come. But this being our first podcast I really just want to see if you guys have any questions. You can go ahead and go to my Website email me questions and you’ll find me on social media send me questions. I would love to answer those questions so that we have know more insightful things that we can talk about on the next podcast. We’re gonna be digging a little bit deeper into some of the tactics that you can use but these tools and action items that you can take to the next level so go ahead and check out a screaming frog SEMRush and ahrefs. Love for you to check those out. We’ll cover more tools and later podcasts and we are out.