Ethereum always seems to be in the blockchain news. Yes, Bitcoin remains the dominant force. Even though several popular blockchains employ smart contracts, only Ethereum has become synonymous with the term. Many believe that Ethereum is the most promising of the blockchains. This is hard to deny since so many new ICOs choose the platform to run their smart contracts.

Smart blockchain applications continue to grow at an incredible rate on Ethereum. By itself, it may one day become part of every industry where blockchains can be applied. The growing speed of adoption of the Ethereum platform is no error in judgment. It is at the center of some of the more serious discussions about vital issues affecting the cryptocurrency market today.

Some believe that Proof-of-Work is not necessary. If this were convincingly proven than Ethereum would be justified to move away from the system. It could survive the move whereas Bitcoin could not.

In regard to blockchain development, there are concerns that Ethereum’s adoption is outpacing the capabilities of the platform. Solutions to this problem may be found in the hyperledger seeking to integrate blockchain operations. These efforts would bring on-demand services to blockchains. An evolving Ethereum blockchain along side the success of a hyperledger would transform the crypto space.

Serious blockchain investing requires knowledge about both the original blockchain and its Proof-of-Work mining, as well as, the potential applications of smart contracts. Proof-of-Stake and other validations are important, but the foundation of how the crytpo markets were built are on the backs of the original blockchain and Ethereum. The advent of a truly integrated hyperledger could be the next major milestone. Fully integrating all the blockchains toward on-demand services would almost certainly bring the world closer to a majority adoption.

Blockchain training is now being employed at institutions of higher education. This is another sign that its application has become so widespread as to permeate deep into the daily life of global society. Universities are involved now because, along with its influence, the problems the blockchain can solve are highly complex.

Few people understand that one of the allures of Ethereum is its flexibility. As rigid as the original blockchain is, Ethereum offers creativity. From corporate applications to gaming and personal ICOs programmable contracts on the blockchain are a new asset class. Initially, they did not seem like much, but as individuals found empowerment, development has blossomed.