SEO Not Working? Here’s Where You Start

Why is My SEO Not Working? SEO is hard. So why is your SEO Not Working? Truthfully, there are over 200 factors Google considers in their algorithm, which leads to thousands of different possibilities, but if you know which factors matter the most, you'll find a solution much quicker. This article will cover the most important factors you should be checking in 2021. If you figure out how to make it work, you can skyrocket your sales or streamline lead generation without spending a dime on advertising. For those who haven't figured out how to make it work, it can be frustrating, as you spend a lot of time and energy trying to get there. If your situation is more inline with the latter, there [...]

What are Backlinks and How Do I Get Them?

What are Backlinks? A backlink occurs when one webpage links to another webpage located on a different website (domain name). The page that the link is pointed to is the page which has the backlink. To further illustrate, let's take a look at the anatomy of a backlink. How Backlinks Affect SEO: Backlinks can significantly improve your search rankings, and many SEO experts feel that they are one of the most important tools for improving your search rankings. There are two main reasons why they are beneficial to your search rankings. One thing that makes them beneficial to your search rankings that they can increase your website's traffic. In addition, Google scans the internet for backlinks to your website. Types Of Backlinks: There are [...]

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