Why Search Engine Marketing is Necessary

If you haven’t already put a search engine marketing strategy into action, you’re already behind every tech-savvy competitor in your market. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to sell primarily to a local audience from a brick-and-mortar location, operate almost exclusively by phone, or only have a barebones website developed as a slightest nod to modernity. Your business needs search engine marketing, for four simple reasons: SEM Drives Traffic If you’re currently unconvinced that your site has any potential to generate profit, because you get plenty of traffic and nil in sales, then you need to first experiment with search engine marketing to generate actionable leads before you write it off. Of course, this is only the shallowest benefit of raising your ranks within [...]

Introduction to Link Building

What is a Link? A link, also known as inbound links or backlinks, is a hyperlink placed on a webpage, targeting another webpage on a different website or domain. The webpage being linked to would be the one which built or acquired a backlink. Why Do Backlinks Matter? Backlinks can increase the value of a site, especially in the eyes of search engines. When executed properly, link building strategies can significantly improve PageRank and directly affect the popularity and profitability of a website. Backlinks Are Popularity Signals to Google When other sites link to your site, search engines consider that to mean your site has quality, authoritative content that supports content on the original site. Content can be powerful when it tells a great story. [...]

Complete Guide to On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO SEO has many components to it and sometimes learning SEO can be a bit overwhelming. Before you know what On Page SEO is, you should have a pretty good understanding of what SEO is. On page SEO is the process of optimizing elements on the actual site one is trying to rank. The list of on page elements include:   Content ,


, , no tag Alt Text Keyword Bold/Strong Learning On Page SEO is generally the first step to understanding how to become an SEO practitioner. Much has changed over the last decade and it will continue to change as technology advances and search engines become more intuitive. For the beginner, however, here are the [...]

The Complete SEO Keyword Research Guide

Why I Wrote an SEO Keyword Research Guide Any Beginner's SEO 101 Guide will tell you that Keyword Research is the first step in the SEO process. However, many guides fail to explain the actual process of conducting keyword research that results in higher conversion rates.  There are different keyword types, latent semantic indexing, audience profiles and difficult metrics to account for. In fact, some of those terms I just mentioned may have your mind boggled. That said, I'll walk you through the process of conducting keyword research which harmonizes with user intent. Understanding Keyword Types for Audience Targeting One of the fundamental steps to understanding keyword research is being able to differentiate informational keywords from intentional keywords. These keyword types or keyword segments, help us create a content [...]

Top 7 SEO 101 Guides for Beginners

Learn SEO With These Free Guides I thought about writing my own beginner's SEO guide, but there are already so many great basic text SEO learning resources out there. The following are my favorite 7. Getting started with SEO doesn't have to be difficult. There are a lot of great resources available for free.  Perhaps the most popular guide is the Moz Beginner's Guide to SEO.  This guide is easy to read, full of visuals and written for the average person. Google also published their own Beginner's SEO guide. Moz also provides a group full of SEO learning resources great for beginners. Another very popular Beginners SEO Guide was written by Search Engine Land. A bit dated, but still a useful learning resource, Kissmetric's SEO Beginners [...]

Top 10 SEO Mistakes During a Website Redesign

Why SEO Is Important for Website Redesigns During a website redesign, avoiding SEO mistakes by performing an SEO audit is crucial. Each department has a different list of tasks to achieve their goals and meet their deadlines. The last thing a designer or a developer wants is to tick off the project manager, and the last thing a project manager wants to do is catch heat from the client they’re working with…. And the content team… well, no one wants to piss them off. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how SEO isn’t always on the forefront of everyone’s mind during a website redesign. Redesigning Your Website Without Keeping SEO in Mind Can Reduce Your Search Engine Traffic By Up to 90%... Easily [...]

13 Point Website Redesign SEO Audit

Website Redesign SEO Audit Factors to Check With Free SEO Pre & Post Launch Checklist It's time to update your website with a fresh new look. Your SEO is still brining in plenty of traffic, but you're worried what redesigning the site may do to your rankings. We've all been there, and there is a way to make sure all of your rankings stay safe. In this article, I will show you 13 step process that will protect your search engine rankings so that you do not lose any traffic at all. If you follow this process, you should see no dip in traffic, no matter what your website design agency tells you. The truth of the matter is, most website design agencies will [...]

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