How Search Engines Work

To better understand SEO, you must first learn How Search Engines Work. The simple answer is that Search Engines perform three primary functions: Crawling - Search Engine bots (spiders) crawl webpages all over the internet to find new content. Indexing - Once the content has been crawled and is deemed to have relevant value, Google adds the content to its index, which is where you retrieve your search engine results from after "Googling" something. Ranking - After content has been crawled and indexed, Google's algorithm looks at over 200 different ranking factors to determine which content is of the highest value so it can provide Google users with the best possible results. What Makes Google's Results Higher Quality? The answer to this question is [...]

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How to Optimize for Voice Search

The concept of speaking into a device and getting an answer back isn't new. What is new is the way the technology behind Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant has improved to make artificial intelligence a lot more practical and a lot less comical due to odd misinterpretations of the questions asked. Right now, about 20 percent of online queries are voice searches, according to Google. Some people predict that by the year 2020, roughly half of all searches will be done with either speech or images. It's safe to assume this voice search trend isn't going away. Read on to discover how you can effectively optimize your online content for voice search.   Get Conversational with Your Keywords   People often don't type the way [...]

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Advanced On Page Optimization Using SEMrush

Advanced On Page Optimization Tactics I'm Going to Cover If you are reading this, you should already be familiar with basic on page SEO principals involving H1, H2, H3 tags, content optimization, title tags, meta descriptions, etc. This tutorial will be covering more advanced topics such as Latent Semantic Indexing, Schema Markup, Preventing Duplicate Content with Wordpress, Image File Compression, and more. Ultimately, an SEO should be thinking about developing their content for a mobile audience, while keeping conversational search in mind. Google's voice search isn't striving to simply answer your questions, but they are trying to get Google to eventually have conversations with its users. This way, you can ask a question, Google will respond, where you can follow up with another question while [...]

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The Basic SEO Process in Three Easy Steps

The SEO Process - Planning for Success In 2017, most companies have adopted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an online marketing strategy to grow their business; however, most of them struggle when it comes to adopting a streamline SEO Process. Although getting web traffic is often an expensive task, search engine optimization can help you enhance your bottom line by generating free traffic. When you follow a proven SEO process and keep your desired outcome in mind, you can rank your content on the No. 1 page of Google and the other search engines. You will then get a steady flow of targeted visitors who will be eager to buy your offer or to sign up for your mailing list. Step 1: Keyword Research Keyword research [...]

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Technical SEO Checklist for 2017

Why I Created a Technical SEO Checklist I wrote this technical seo checklist because it is becoming evermore important to pay attention to it. As Google’s algorithm becomes more focused on detecting User Experience behavioral patterns, technical SEO is becoming more important each day. Many people overlook technical SEO and focus solely on content. If that is you, then frankly, you need a better strategy. Without a solid technical SEO foundation to stand on, you are setting your campaign up for failure. Technical SEO is normally executed at the very beginning of an SEO campaign. If you are optimizing a website being redesigned, you should first start off with a SEO website redesign audit, which involves some additional steps in your SEO process prior to [...]

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What Is Link Building?

If you are an aspiring SEO professional, you probably know what link building is in concept. On the other hand, if you are a business owner, you may have heard the term a few times before. Not everyone understands SEO jargon, and very few business owners care to understand it. However, if you are in the process of hiring an SEO consultant or agency, reading this article will make you dangerous. What Is Link Building? First, let's define what a "Link" is. This is a link. Therefore, in its most basic form, link building is the process of building or creating links. Now, there are a few important factors that make link building valuable for your website's search engine rankings. When building links, you will [...]

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SEO Consulting and the History of SEO

Understanding the Search Engine LandscapeThe world of search engine algorithms is a secretive affair that requires a certain professional approach. Search engine optimization (SEO) is unique in the sense that SEO consulting providers and its professionals are confronted with lots of secrecy and obfuscation practiced by the major commercial search engines, particularly by Google.The Emergence of Search EnginesThe early days of SEO consulting looked radically different from today. When Architext, the first practical internet search engine, was developed by students from Stanford University in 1993, the algorithm and mechanism were available to anyone who wished to research them. Architext would later become Excite, a major commercial online portal.By late 1993, three search engine bots were crawling the World Wide Web. It only took a year [...]

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Starting Point for Link Builders in 2016

Link Building Defined Link building is an SEO tactic used to increase Google PageRank to a page on a website in order to gain better keyword position on Google. What is a Hyperlink? A hyperlink or "link" is a highlighted word or picture in a document or Web page that you can click on with a computer mouse to go to another place in the same or a different document or Web page. Therefore, link building, as it relates to Link Building Strategies, is the process of distributing these links to websites other than your own, but directing the links to the page you want to improve the Google keyword position for. The Importance of Link Building In an oversimplification of the process, link building is critical for search [...]

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The Only Local SEO Checklist You Will Ever Need (In 2016)

What is Local SEO? Local SEO is simply the process of getting a local Google places listing within the top three positions of the results. We refer to it as the local pack 3. Who benefits from Local SEO? If you are a local business that either go to the customer's location or has the customer come to you, then you can benefit from Local SEO. The trick is to be a real business and become established. What are the benefits of Local SEO? The user already has the intent to buy. A Majority of local traffic is drawn to the local pack so you experience higher click through rates. Long term strategy that is sustainable and will continue to drive leads. What local ranking [...]

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