Google Advanced Search Operators for Powerful B2B Sales Prospecting

We know that the information is out there… somewhere. We just don’t know where to start looking. With the Web growing exponentially every day, it can be time consuming and frustrating to sift through all of the irrelevant findings. Fortunately, there is  away to target exactly what your looking for and all you need is Google! What Is An Advanced Search Operator? Advanced Search Operators are commands combined with specific keyword queries in a search engine that allow the user to narrow their results. How Do You Use An Advanced Search Operator? Before you can really understand how Advanced Search Operators work, you have to understand the basic structure of the web. Let’s look at some examples of search operators… site: (search only in one [...]

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Local SEO Action Plan 2019 – Your Definitive Guide In 2017, my local rankings dropped suddenly. Here we go again, I remember thinking. Since I recovered those rankings, I’ve stayed at the top of the Google map pack for Houston SEO or SEO Houston consistently for 2 years. Much has changed from 2017 to 2019 and for some of us, it’s helped, while others it has sent on a wild goose chase. In this article, I’m going to take you through a step-by-step 2019 local SEO action plan that will get your rankings back to the top and keep them there. Step 1: Conduct an SEO audit The first step of getting back to the top of Google maps is by conducting a thorough SEO Audit. One of the first things I [...]

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