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19 01, 2017

How Much Should You Be Paying for SEO?

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I get this question a lot... I mean, quite a bit and it is not the easiest question to answer. In order to confidently provide a prospective client with a quote, they need to understand the value of what they are getting and what all goes into it. But before I touch on the value and the deliverables, allow me to share some credible industry data. SEO Industry Rates Survey Results In 2013, a survey was performed by Search Engine Watch, where they requested the average pricing of every agency considered to be credible in the industry. Based on those results, it was determined that the average retainer for SEO services ranges between $750-$5,000/mo. Wow... that's a broad range. I mean, what determines the pricing and what separates $750 from $5,000? The pricing ranges are determined based on the business and the extent of services needed for the client. Some market verticals have less competition, which require less effort, while others require highly complexed strategies with multiple keyword themes requiring significant amounts of research, content and outreach. How SEO Actually Works Most business owners [...]

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