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6 09, 2016

What are backlinks and How Do I Get Them?

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By SEO Consultant - Joshua BellandWhat are Backlinks?A backlink occurs when one webpage links to another webpage located on a different website (domain name). The page that the link is pointed to is the page which has the backlink. To further illustrate, let's take a look at the anatomy of a backlink.How Backlinks Affect SEO:Backlinks can significantly improve your search rankings, and many SEO experts feel that they are one of the most important tools for improving your search rankings. There are two main reasons why they are beneficial to your search rankings. One thing that makes them beneficial to your search rankings that they can increase your website's traffic. In addition, Google scans the internet for backlinks to your website.Types Of Backlinks:There are many types of backlinks. Some of them are raw URLs, but many others are anchor links. In addition, there are many places where you can post backlinks. There also are different types of content that you can post along with your backlink. All of these things can affect the amount and type of traffic that your website gets. Here are [...]

31 08, 2016

Where Can I Find the Best SEO Learning Resources?

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SEO Learning Resources are all over the web, but we don't always know which ones to trust! In most cases, people are just publishing curated content that they see from the original sources. So, I've put together a list of SEO Resources that you can count on. MOZ SEO Beginners Guide Kiss Metrics Comprehensive SEO Guide for Beginners Quicksprout The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing Joshua Belland Learn SEO Search Engine Journal

25 07, 2016

Local SEO Keyword Insights That Make a Difference

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Local SEO Keyword Insights That Make a Difference Why do people choose a query for their search a certain way? For instance, what is the difference between Houston Engagement Rings vs Engagement Rings Houston? The answer is in the context. Let's take a look. Part of the local SEO keyword research process is collecting data. Many tools such as SEMrush, Google Keyword tool and others provide SEO practitioners with valuable data such as search volume, cost per click (CPC), competition and historical trends; however, to have a successful SEO campaign that produces real ROI requires more insight than that which can only come from one's creativity and cognitive process. Local SEO Keyword Examples Let's use a product as our first example. People search for products locally differently than they search for a business or service. If we run a keyword analysis on the phrase "Engagement Rings Houston," SEMrush comes back with 1,600 searches per month. That is a pretty high number for a local keyword, but what happens when we change the wording around a bit. Logically we might think that the term "Houston [...]

28 05, 2016

Five Ways to Draw Traffic to a Blog Post

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As buyers spend more time with online articles, blog posts and reviews, and rely less on advertising for product information, companies have quickly caught onto the fact that they need great content…
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