Improve Page Speed

The best way to improve page speed is by following some common tactics that anyone can implement. Although SEO usually focuses on content, keywords and link building. While those SEO factors deserve your attention, you should also pay attention to other SEO strategies, such as page speed. When your pages quickly load, you can outrank competitors and enjoy more website traffic. Continue reading to find out how.

Initial Page Speed Testing

Try using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to assess the current performance of your website content. Simply enter the URL of your page into the search box and the tool will rate it on a scale of 1 to 100. You will also receive detailed feedback that includes recommended improvements.

Optimize Images

Although images can increase the visual appeal of your web pages and increase viewer engagement rates, they can also create delays as they load. As a result, visitors may give up on your site and try another one. For this reason, one of the most effective SEO tips to Improve page speed involves reducing the time required to load images.

Resize your full-resolution images to manageable dimensions and then run them through a compression tool to reduce their file size. This simple step can dramatically reduce the time needed to load your pages and, increase their search engine visibility.

Minify CSS and JavaScript

Reduce or eliminate the use of separate CSS and JavaScript files on your site. Web browsers must first load such files, delaying the user experience. Instead, use inline CSS and scripts wherever possible.

Minifying your CSS and JavaScript content can also boost your SEO. This process eliminates unnecessary data and space in your files so that browsers can read and interpret them in record time.

Prioritize Loading

Satisfy your visitors by loading your most important content first. This quickly engages your visitors with the information they need. Meanwhile, as they begin reading, your pages should perform another loop to load your ads and sidebar content.

Enable GZIP Compression

GZIP compression is enabled on the server side. You can do this by also updating your .htaccess file if you are hosting on Apache.


After optimizing your pages, retest them using PageSpeed Insights to verify that you have improved their performance. Afterward, periodically retest your website for speed to make sure you retain your SEO advantage.

In conclusion, page speed improvements rank among the top SEO tips for boosting performance. By creating a cycle of testing and optimization for your pages, you can create a long-term advantage for your website. As you put the above tips to use, stay alert for other tips that will help you optimize your pages for speed.

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