Marketing professionals and business owners tend to focus their SEO strategies on Google. This makes sense because of the way Google dominates the internet search industry. Still, other search engines, such as Duck Duck Go, exist that compete for the almost one-quarter of internet searches that Google doesn’t get.

Duck Duck Go has built a reputation for being the search engine that respects privacy. Therefore, every time SEO news headlines feature Google’s many alleged privacy violations, Duck Duck Go has a chance to attract new users.

At the end of 2017, the Duck Duck Go CEO, Gabriel Weinberg, estimated that the search engine handles almost 24 million queries every day. With almost that many monthly unique users. That number accounts only for about 0.22% of all internet searches. However, Duck Duck Go is growing and offers many opportunities for businesses to grow their sales.

Now, how would you like to try to get your share of business from Duck Duck Go? Here are some SEO tips to get the best results from this small, but unique search engine.

1. Get inbound links

Like practically every search engine, Duck Duck Go places a high priority in search results for sites that have backlinks that come from high-quality, authoritative and popular websites. So, if you want to attract visitors from Duck Duck Go, make sure you have an effective link building strategy in place.

2. Disclose your location

Duck Duck Go users that know that the search engine doesn’t track their location may include geo-qualifiers in their queries. This helps them find businesses nearby. To match these queries, be sure to disclose your location on your website.

3. Remember Bing and Yahoo

Although Duck Duck Go uses hundreds of sources to determine page rank, much of the data used by the search engine comes via the larger Bing and Yahoo search engines. So, if you optimize your content for those sites, you should expect to rank higher in Duck Duck Go’s search results.

In summary, to optimize your site for Duck Duck Go, make sure you follow the best SEO practices for Bing and Yahoo. Meanwhile, emphasize backlinks and quality content, and you’ll attract more visitors from one of the world’s fastest growing search engines.